Why I Love Fishing


Fishing is an activity where an individual can choose to catch fish, or enjoy the evening relaxing by the water.Sometimes many often consider it to be a sport, however in many cases it is really just a great way to relax.  If you have never taken the time to take in some of the most beautiful scenery available in your area while waiting for a fish to bite, you need to discover that reality for yourself.

People can fish from the bank of a lake or stream, or from a dock that sits just out into a body of water.  All you basically need is a fishing pole with a line connected to the end, a fishing hook with some bait attached to it.

It has been said that the time that is passed while fishing and waiting for that first fish to bite, can be some of the most valuable thinking time that exists.  Hearing the lapping of the waves on the bottom of the boat seems to have a hypnotic effect which may actually stimulate the thinking process.

In fact, a person can be so deep in thought that when the fish actually bites the hook, the event can come as a total surprise.  The splash of the fish hitting the surface and the tug of the line will quickly snap you out of your daydreaming state and back into reality.

Then you gently reel the fish to your boat and capture him in your net as you think about how the luscious he will taste on your dinner plate later that evening.

The thing about fishing is that you’re not going to catch a lot of fish all at once in most instances.  That’s what makes fishing of a challenging sport as you really have to out think the fish.

Out think the fish, you say?  You think that fish can really be that smart but as it has been said that their attention span is only about 4 seconds.  But then you consider that they are very comfortable in their environment and cautious as well, as you discover that catching fish can be more difficult than you thought.

Fishing is an activity for you to get better at the more you do it.  You never lose the thrill of out thinking these creatures because they are very elusive, but not always elusive enough to escape your hook.

Set some time aside, get your fishing gear and just head for the lake or stream and go fishing.  You will be the better for it, you will probably make many plans and you might even catch your share of fish.


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