Why I Enjoying The Many Different Types Of Fishing

lake-1412216_1280There’s no question that millions of men and women across the world absolutely love fishing. Whether as a pure hobby, the source of planning out an outdoor vacation for friends and family, or as something you enjoy but also a practice that is important for putting food on the table, there’s a lot to love about the sport of fishing. Many people new at it are surprised to learn just how many styles there are out there.

Casting & Reeling

This is probably the most common and the one most people know. Casting and reeling can be done from shore, it can be done on a boat, it’s effective on freshwater and saltwater. This is the practice of casting out bait or a lure and either waiting for a strike and then reeling it in (bobber and worm setup, for example) or the angler reels it in right away hoping to entice the fish to strike (rapalas and other crankbaits). This is about as simple as it gets and is an important first step to teaching others to fish.


Trolling is always done from a boat and is the practice of casting a lure out, then letting line out as the boat moves at a slow but steady pace (possibly even with an electric motor depending on the calmness of water and size of the boat). Once enough line is let out, the angler stops letting out line and drags the lure, waiting for a fish to strike it as the boat slowly moves along, making those trailing lures look like bait fish.


Jigging is another popular method of fishing that many anglers use. This is a method where weights (sinkers) are tied to the line above the lure in a “rig” that then sinks to the bottom or near the bottom. The angler then jerks the rod up a bit, letting the lure settle to the ground. After waiting a few seconds they do it again, creating the illusion of a bouncing or dancing bait on the bottom of the lake, pond, or river.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a very specific type of fishing that mainly takes place in streams and creeks and often is for going after small-mouth bass or trout. The main motion comes from an angler flicking their wrist in a way that gets the little fly to where they want it before flicking the wrist back and repeating.

These are only a few of the types of fishing that I enjoy.


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